Congratulations to Phyllis Davis who received the CWSC Recognition Award!  Phyllis has done much behind the scenes for CWSC especially with the Music Team. As our choreographer, on top of working out our routines and patiently teaching them to us, before our last contest she reviewed our choreo tape and sent individual and incredibly helpful comments to the chorus members. That alone should give her the win as that must have taken hours, but if that's not enough, she is the Music Team Secretary as well as a contributing member of the Strategic Planning Committee.  As the Script Team Chair, her sense of humour and play on words shines through. ‎The energy and work that Phyllis puts into helping keep our chorus running smoothly is definitely something worth recognizing and celebrating. Thank you Phyllis!

The award was presented by Dorothy, CWSC Membership Chair during the Chorus Summer Party on Tuesday, July 19, 2016.